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The AlloSphere…Postscript To Google Human


On April 5, 2009, SharedEmergency published Google Human…Nanomedicine and Health Trends. The article suggests we can now virtually travel through the body to help improve civilization’s understanding of anatomy and enhance our planetary health. It also challenges Google to explore the deep dimensions of the human form.

On April 15, TED published the video in this post. This is a must see. What you will enjoy for the next few moments is nothing less than an affirmation of human kind’s ability to travel to microscopic places using math, art, science and medicine for our shared benefit.  Using your imagination, the technology you are about to witness will demonstrate how we can now effectively use medical and scientific research to enrich billions of lives.  The wonder of what we can do in the early 2000’s is absolutely astounding.  Our continuing quest to understand the tiny universes upon which we are all made enriches the human mind, and excites the spirit that drives our shared quest for knowledge.

Now, please tour the AllosPhere and enter the inner workings of the brain…Google, are you listening?

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