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Beyond the Barrier…Multilingual Blogs


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The web upon which we thrive, explore, probe and learn is vast and expansive…but most of its users fail to recognize and transcend the invisible electronic and psychological membranes which restrain our reach into the “universal web.”  We in America look for sites and blogs in English or Spanish only, but by so doing, we cheat ourselves. Most of us do not seek the expressive thoughts of diverse tongues which originate in Asia, Africa, the Pacific or Europe.

We are, in a virtual way, contained within a small part of the web, but under the illusion that we “access it all.”  In truth, we are missing important and vital voices, perspectives, news and views. Our “info-hunger” is being under-nourished by embracing deceptively myopic views of the internet.

No longer. Now there is a breakthrough that takes us a step beyond the cumbersome translation tools of Google. allows you and I to transcend the limits of blogging and move past the confines of just one language. Now we can read what thoughtful expressives and analyticals are thinking in Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Madagascar and Fiji.  We can feel their concerns, their thoughts, and share their ideas. Global Voices transcends cultural, geographic and political barriers through the powers of translation, which brings those in the blogosphere to a new dimension. In so doing, the web site serves to unite humanity with increasing opportunities to forge bonds of understanding.

There is so much more out there than we have seen. We have only begun to comprehend the meaning of “world wide web.” Bravo GlobalVoices.

For more on, see Wikipedia article.


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