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Ondoy Looks A Lot Like Katrina; We Need Bill


Bill Gates is correct. We need to develop technology to stop Typhoons, Hurricanes and Cyclones. No matter how difficult the task, the need to divert and tame monster storms increases each year.  The ambitious Gates plan is correctly referenced as “geoengineering.” Applied ethically, it can to save lives and property. 


According to the Economist, in its 9.19.09 edition, “Ten of the developing world’s 15 largest cities are in low-lying coastal areas vulnerable to rising sea levels or coastal surges.” The article, entitled, “A bad climate for development,” adds, “In 1981-85, fewer than 500m people required international disaster assistance; in 2001-05, the number reached 1.5 billion.

We should be praying Bill’s geo-engineering patents and strategies are implemented, and that others will follow with new ideas to calm down the planet.  Weather related events and their impact seem to be getting worse by the decade, just as human capabilities to effect weather modification increase.  To ignore the opportunity to employ technology in the fight against cyclonic events would be criminal.

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